Saturday, March 10, 2012

Should I Use A Moving Company?

I read the following article at but was not able to share the conventional way.  I think this is an article everyone should read though if they are considering a moving company. 

The article can be found at

by Kevin Larson
Posted on March 9, 2012 at 6:38 PM
Updated yesterday at 6:41 PM

SPOKANE— One couple that recently moved to Spokane still hasn’t received all of their belongings because the moving company says the family still owes them money.
Last year the Better Business Bureau took 8,900 complaints about movers. That’s a 5% increase over last year.
Doug and Sarah Horne say they had an agreement with a company to pay $1,900 for a move from Alabama to Spokane.
When the movers showed up they told the Horne’s there were more boxes than reported, so they would have to pack them up and weigh them at their Atlanta warehouse. A few weeks later the Horne’s arrived in Spokane but their boxes didn’t.
The company told Doug that it was going to be $1,000 more than what was originally estimated. The moving company claims the family knew up front about the higher price. They say the followed policy and did nothing wrong.
The Department of Transportation oversees these types of disputes. Per policy; movers may not charge a price estimate after loading the shipment. Also in a non-binding estimate like this one, if the movers amend the quote before the move they can only increase the amount by 10%.
The Horne’s plan to file a complaint with the Department of Transportation, but don’t think they will come to a resolution.
The Better Business Bureau urges anyone hiring a moving company to do their research.


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