Friday, February 24, 2012

Spokane Developments | New Construction Website

I wanted to introduce my new website today and ask you to share it with anyone who might be looking for a new home in Spokane.  So many builders are actually building right now and I don't think everyone is aware of how affordable new homes can be.

The market adjusted and prices came down.  Dirt came down even further and builders are buying lots for historic prices.  I've seen builders buying lots from bank at .25 cents on the dollar.  

How does this translate to new construction?  If builders can save $20,000 on their lot costs, they can pass those savings on to you in nicer features, buyer incentives, and complimentary upgrades. 

Several homes are entering multiple offer situations in and around Spokane.  Sales are up and prices are down.  Real Estate is on sale and money is cheap. Instead of buying a home that needs work let me show you what new construction options are available.

Spokane has more than 500 active new construction listings.  Many homes are build to suit and many are already built just waiting for an offer.

Let's go look at some new homes today!

Peter Hagen - 509-850-1900

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