Monday, November 4, 2013

Spokane Listing Agent | Selling your home

Selling your home in this market should not be torture.  Hire an agent with the right marketing plan and someone who will work to get the home sold.  The market is evolving and if you haven't sold your home in a while things have changed.

Everything is online. The internet has changed everything and if you don't believe did you find this blog post online?

Websites like Zillow and have changed the way agents advertise and have worked around the traditional flyer box and open house approach.  Don't get me wrong, there is a place for flyers & open houses and if you can utilize the internet, you'll find better ways of spending your time.

It used to be that the listing hit's the newspaper and other agents see their clients and the inside track was the one that got the deal done.  You had to be in the know.  You had to work the phones and drive around showing houses.  Clients called your phone when the signs were in the front yard and you might get floor calls throughout the day as people had questions.

Now people have pictures, websites, county information, maps, etc.  The IDX agreement allows agents to market other listings on their websites and publications.  It gives larger website the ability to pay for feeds and then turn around and charge agents to market their own listings.  If they don't pay guess who gets the leads...the other agents who do pay.

Find out where your agent spends their money to market your home.  Is it in the same places that you use to search for homes?  Have they defined a market and the approach to go after that market?  Do you have good pictures to show the home?  Is your agent receiving the leads on your home?

Ask questions.  Price it right.  Sell it quickly.

To sell your home in the Spokane Area Call Peter Hagen today!  509-580-1900

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