Saturday, November 10, 2012

What is a Model Home? How Do I know what is an Upgrade? Who is a good builder?

 There is misconception out there that builders "stuff" their model home to trick buyers.  That the advertised price reflects isn't what the builder is offering.  While this may be partially true and a basic spec sheet should spell out any added features, let me spin the perspective for you.

The builder is building a home out of pocket that they intend to make payments on monthly in order to have a show room that the potential buyer can walk through.  In many cases this home is sold prior to construction and the buyer has chosen features that they wanted in the home.  Then the builder leases the home back from the buyer.  Sometimes the builder maintains ownership and chooses selections that they know will entice a buyer once the home is ready to be sold.

When you walk into a model home the on site sales people should have a standard features list that itemizes anything included in the base price of the home.  In many neighborhoods things like granite countertops are an upgrade.  The builder might include these features in the model home so that the it increases sellability after the model has served it's purpose. 

Don't fear the onsite salesperson.  They have valuable knowledge about the neighborhood, builders, competition, etc. that could help you in determining where to buy or build.  Who knows a neighborhood better than someone who runs an office in it?

Compare builders on quality not quantity.  Price per sqft is obsolete as there are so many things that go into building a home.  Options like granite, hardwoods, custom trim, etc. all add value to the home and increase the price per sqft.  If you shop builders shop their spec sheets and detail what they include in their construction that sets them apart.

When looking for a Realtor to guide you through the process look for a CSP (Certified New Home Sales Professional).  A CSP is someone who is educated and experienced in selling new homes.  A CSP designation is handed down by the National Association of Home Builders and requires a certain degree of continuing education.  As a CSP I am happy to help guide you through the process of selecting a location, determining a builder, and choosing a floor plan that fits your lifestyle.

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