Sunday, October 28, 2012

How much is my home worth? | Spokane Real Estate Market

Sold by Peter Hagen
So many times people ask me "How much is my home worth?"

This question is very generalized and can be spun several directions...The first thing you want to decide is your motivation.  Why am I selling?  Why am I moving?  What is my motivation?

Some factors to take in...How long is the average "Days on Market"  "How many months of inventory are currently active?"  "What are the comparable sales in the last 6 months?"

These are all aspects your listing agent considers when pricing your home.  If you have to sell in 4 weeks and relocate...your motivation factor will differ from those who are considering an upgrade and have time.

To help you determine what your home is worth call me for a free market analysis.  I will walk you through the marketing strategy, current market conditions, and pricing.  We can discuss the competition you will face and walk through the current inventory that you will be compared with.

Selling your home can be fun!

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