Friday, March 23, 2012

Should You Build a New Home?

Right now the real estate market is going in all different directions.  Many people are chasing REO's and Short Sales, while others are gobbling up land.  Something many out there aren't talking about is new construction.

Building a new home has never been more affordable.  Inventory is slowly falling and the demand for new homes will rise.  Several builders have been investing in lots and land similar to those buying up residential real estate.

There are many incentives going on right now that you don't see on the surface.  Prices are down, builders are eager, and standards are high.  Don't sit around and wish you had made your move.

Home Built By Aaron Towell
Ridgeline Homes
Benefits of New Construction:
  • Warranty - New Homes come with peace of mind
  • Personalize - You get to choose colors, flooring, plans, etc.
  • New - You get new appliances, systems, everything!
  • Safety - New homes have higher standards and new technology
  • Work With Seller - Meet with the builder and set expectations
  • Price - You set the price because you choose what to put in your new home
If you don't know where to start I can help.  I am a certified new construction specialist and have helped many homeowners build their new home.  If you have a house to sell don't worry!  I offer great incentives to help you get your current home priced right and sold quickly.

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