Thursday, February 23, 2012

Northwest Boxer Rescue

Just wanted to plug Northwest Boxer Rescue and spread the word.  They are saving dogs all over the northwest and just started pulling dogs from California.  We recently adopted Jens (white) so Gauge (brindle) had someone to chase around the backyard.  Jens is nothing but love and he is the only one who can wear out Gauge.
Boxers are great with children and ours are even good with the cats.  Obviously the cats run the house and the dogs obey the rules.  If you can donate please do.  If you are interested in fostering they would love to talk to you.  Foster families enable the rescue to continue pulling more dogs as they have somewhere to go.

Adopting is another great option.  Simply request the application and start watching as new dogs come into the rescue.  Every bit helps guys so please like their facebook page and spread the word for these dogs.

We love our new boy Jens and are thankful Northwest Boxer Rescue was able to bring us together.

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